Worx Robotic Lawn Mower cutting lawns

Cutting Heights

The cutting height for all robotic mowers can be adjusted to suit your lawn type and preferences with ranges of cutting heights from 20mm all the way through to 70mm, most models have a 10mm steps.

Robotic Mower Brand Cutting Heights
WORX Landroid MIN 30mm to MAX 70mm
Husqvarna AUTOMOWER MIN 20mm to MAX 60mm
Ambrogio MIN 20mm to MAX 65mm
Ambrogio Bent Blades (perfect for Golf courses, sports fields) MIN 10mm to MAX 65mm

WORX Landroid

The cutting height for the WORX robotic lawn mower can be adjusted between 30mm-70mm at 10mm steps. Before starting your Landroid for the first time, make sure your grass is no longer than 10cm.

If longer, use a regular mower to cut it before operating Landroid. If you want to drastically shorten the height of your grass, it is recommended that you do so progressively, by adjusting the cutting height in steps.

Easily adjust the height using the dial on the mower


The cutting height can be varied from MIN 20mm to MAX 60mm. If the grass is long it is appropriate to let Automower start mowing at the MAX cutting height. Once the grass is shorter, you can gradually lower the cutting height.

Husqvarna Automower - cutting heights


The Ambrogio robotic lawn mower cutting height ranges from 20mm to 65mm max cutting height, when grass is too long always perform a preliminary cutting of the area with a normal lawnmower