How well do they work on slopes?2020-06-27T14:56:44+10:00

Robot lawn mowers sit low to the ground, have a very stable base and a high power to weight ratio.

This allows them to cope well with steep slopes up to 30 degrees or more (55 degrees for the Ambrogio).

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They can cope well with steep slopes up to 35 degrees
Are they smart devices?2020-06-27T14:55:01+10:00

Many robot mowers have apps that allow you full remote control over their mowing routine.

Some models such as the Husqavarna allow voice control via Google Home or Alexa.

One of the latest crop of robotic lawn mowers is the natural extension to any Smart home.

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Many robot mowers have apps that allow you full remote control
What happens if it gets stolen?2020-06-27T14:51:05+10:00

Many robot lawn mowers have built-in security features to prevent theft.

Sensors detect when someone lifts the mower and can trigger a siren as well as lockdown the mower operation.

The mower can only be restarted with the correct pin code.

What about Security – Pin Codes
Does my lawn shape determine which lawn mower to buy?2020-06-27T14:49:33+10:00

Lawn size is critical when you’re looking at choosing your robot lawn mower.

Higher power batteries mean your mower can spend more time out on the job before needing a recharge. This is really important for those larger lawns.

If your mower lacks sufficient battery life it will spend too much time recharging and not enough time at the cutting edge. As a result your lawn may look a little patchy.

Lawn shape is also important. Robot lawn mowers use algorithms to cut along what appears to be a very random set of pathways.

A cheap robotic lawn mower may struggle to cut right into the corners of lawns with very complex shapes.

Lawn shapes and sizes
How do they know where to stop?2020-06-27T14:41:57+10:00

perimeter wire marks the boundary of your lawn and lets the robot mower know when it’s approaching the edge.

You can bury the wire safely in the ground so it’s not a tripping hazard or visible.

Setting up the wire does require some time but once it’s done you can forget it.

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A perimeter wire marks the boundary of your lawn and lets the robot mower know when it’s approaching the edge
Do they work when it’s raining?2020-06-27T14:46:26+10:00

Robot lawn mowers are designed to operate in any weather and the typical soft wheels are designed to have a very low impact on your lawn.

The problem with mowing the lawn in the rain, even for a robot, is that wet grass clippings tend to stick to the underneath and clog up the blades.

Wet grass on steep slopes may also be harder for your robot to handle.

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How to charge?2020-06-27T14:45:01+10:00

The charging station connects to your AC power from your home.

A full battery recharge might take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes and, depending on the model, will last for several hours of mowing.

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Auto returns to charging station
How do they cut?2020-06-27T11:45:06+10:00

Robot lawn mowers take a very different cutting approach to that used by petrol mowers.

A single cutting disc or sometimes several small cutting blades hang from a floating deck, which allows for height adjustment.

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Are they noisy?2020-06-27T14:46:52+10:00

No, not noisy at all.

They range from a low of 50 decibels through to the loudest models at approx. 75 decibels. Even at 75 decibels they no where near as noisy as a conventional lawnmower that cranks out an average 85 decibels.

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