Finally, the weekend grind of mowing the lawns is over. That’s because robots are taking over the tedious lawn mowing chore throughout Australia.

Robotic lawn mowers are rapidly becoming more affordable and now you too can enjoy your weekends without the hassle and ear-bashing din of a petrol mower.

A robotic lawn mower allows you to reclaim your precious weekends. Have a sleep in (you deserve it), spend some time with the family, meet up with some friends for a relaxing coffee or simply watch your robot lawn mower quietly going about its business.

A robotic lawnmower offer huge advantages over traditional petrol mowers including:

  • Vastly improved safety record

  • Much quieter and free of fumes too down rapidly

  • No more hauling heavy mowers up steep slopes

  • Gives you much more spare time

  • Programmable to mow when you want

Robot lawn mowers are considerably more energy efficient and much quieter than the traditional petrol mower.

The blades are tucked well under the mower body safely out of reach of fingers and toes.

Robotic lawn mowers are the way of the future for lawn maintenance and yet they have been around for a long time.

The first robot lawn mower was actually invented in 1969 but they did not come on the market until the mid 90’s.

Today’s robot lawn mowers are using increasingly sophisticated technology with many programmable features and the ability to recognise and avoid obstacles.

What is a robotic lawn mower?
A robot mower runs on lithium-ion batteries that are recharged from a charging base

How do they work?

Much of the technology behind robotic lawn mowers is actually quite simple and has been available for many years.

But in the past the economic realities made using advanced technology in a commercial lawn mower prohibitively expensive.

Robot lawn mower companies need to be able to compete on a reasonably level playing field with traditional petrol-powered mowers; now, as technology has reduced in price, they can.

Robot lawn mowers look something like the current range of modern vacuum cleaners and feature small cutting blades or a cutting disc.

A robot mower runs on lithium-ion batteries that are recharged from a charging base powered from your home AC power supply.

Nearly all current models use a charged perimeter wire which the mower can detect with sensors to keep the mower within preset boundaries.

Cutting – Height, Discs

Robot lawn mowers take a very different cutting approach to that used by petrol mowers.

A single cutting disc or sometimes several small cutting blades hang from a floating deck, which allows for height adjustment.

You can easily adjust the height using the dial on the mower or some models allow for remote height adjustment from the control panel or a mobile app.

Robotic lawn mowers tend to cut the grass very finely using extremely sharp energy efficient blades.

This kind of cutting technique makes for a neater cut, does less damage to the grass, and also generates some fine grass cutting mulch which will feed your lawn as it breaks down.

The regular, frequent cutting favoured by robot lawn mowers will keep your lawn looking much greener and healthier than traditional mowing techniques.

Easily adjust the height using the dial on the mower
Auto returns to charging station

Batteries & Charging Stations

Most robotic mowers run on a lithium-ion battery pack. And as with most cordless devices, longer battery life costs more money.

This means that lower cost mowers will have to return to the charging station more frequently to get juiced up for their next cutting foray.

But it’s not really a big deal because the mower will do this automatically without any input from you.

The charging base station connects to your AC power from your home. A full battery charging time might take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes and, depending on the model, the battery pack will last for several hours of mowing.

What about Rain?

Robot lawn mowers are designed to operate in any weather (rain or shine) and the typical soft wheels are designed to have a very low impact on your lawn.

The problem with mowing the lawn in the rain, even for a robot, is that wet grass clippings tend to stick to the underneath and clog up the blades.

Wet grass on steep slopes may also be harder for your robot to handle.

Some premium models have a rain sensor that will automatically send the robot back to base until it stops raining. This is a feature that is invaluable if you live in a high rainfall area.

Are designed to operate in any weather
A perimeter wire marks the boundary of your lawn and lets the robot mower know when it’s approaching the edge

Perimeter Wire

perimeter wire (guide wires) marks the boundary of your lawn and lets the robot mower know when it’s approaching the edge.

You can bury the boundary wire safely in the ground so it’s not a tripping hazard or visible. Setting up the wire does require some time but once it’s done you can forget it.

The robot’s sensors will detect the wire and the onboard computer then guides it efficiently on its next trajectory.

Wires have been used for a long time to mark boundaries and it’s a very effective and safe way to let your lawn robot know where it’s going.

Lawn Size & Shape

Lawn size is critical when you’re looking at choosing your robot lawn mower.

Higher power batteries mean your mower can spend more time out on the job before needing a recharge. This is really important for those larger lawns.

If your mower lacks sufficient battery life it will spend too much time recharging and not enough time at the cutting edge. As a result your lawn may look a little patchy.

Shape of your lawn is also important. Robotic lawn mowers use algorithms to cut along what appears to be a very random set of pathways.

A cheap robotic lawn mower may struggle to cut right into the corners of lawns with very complex shapes.

Lawn shapes and sizes
Security enabled via PIN codes

What about Security – Pin Codes?

Many robot lawn mowers have built-in security features to prevent theft.

Sensors detect when someone lifts the mower and can trigger a siren as well as lockdown the mower operation. The mower can only be restarted with the correct pin code.

GPS Tracking

Premium model robotic lawn mower feature GPS both for tracking where the mower has been on your lawn and for planning the next cutting trajectory.

GPS may also be used as part of your robot’s anti-theft system.

Smart Home – Alexa & Google

Many robot mowers have apps that allow you full remote control over their mowing routine.

Some models such as the Husqavarna allow voice control via Google Home or Alexa. One of the latest crop of robotic lawn mowers is the natural extension to any Smart home.

Noise Levels & Neighbours

Generally, robot lawn mowers are much quieter than petrol mowers. The noise level of robot mowers sits around 56dB to 65dB compared with 96dB for a petrol mower.

Typically, the robotic lawnmower is so quiet you can run them at night without disturbing your neighbours.

See more on noise levels here.

Many robot mowers have apps that allow you full remote control
They can cope well with steep slopes up to 35 degrees

How do they handle Slopes?

Robot lawn mowers sit low to the ground, have a very stable base and a high power to weight ratio.

This allows them to cope well with steep slopes up to 30 degrees or more (55 degrees for the Ambrogio).

The robotic lawnmower with the larger wheels tend to be able to handle slopes more easily. No longer do you need to haul heavy petrol mowers up your lawn; your robot mower does it all for you effortlessly.


WORX WR150E - 1000m2

WORX Landroid

The Worx Landroid robotic lawnmower comes in a number of models suitable for lawns with area capacity of up to 1,500 metres in size.

Worx have built a solid reputation and features such as rain sensors, anti-theft protection and voice control are standard with their models.


Ambrogio produce a number of robot lawn mowers that are renowned for their hill climbing ability (slopes up to 55 degrees), long battery life, and exceptional performance.

Ambrogio robotic lawnmower models also offer premium features such as self-cleaning wheels, no perimeter wires (Ambrogio L60) which means it really is the ultimate set and forget lawn mower.

Ambrogio are the only brand to offer a robotic lawn mower (Ambrogio L60) that operates without a perimeter wire which means you can have it running out of the box, but there are some limitations you need to understand.

See the full range of models here.

WORX WR150E - 1000m2
WORX WR150E - 1000m2

Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna is widely recognised as one of Australasia’s leading garden / outdoor tools brands.

The Husqvarna range of robotic lawn mowers includes many models, however the most popular Automower models are;

  • Automower 105
  • Automower 315X
  • Automower 435X

The Husqvarna Automower range offers an impressive array of features including the ability to handle slopes up to 35 degrees (Automower 415X), anti-theft protection and voice control.

They can cope well with steep slopes up to 35 degrees

How Much Does a Robot Lawn Mower Cost?

If your looking for a robotic lawnmower for a residential property that will mow up to 600 m², prices range from $1,299.00 up to $2,299.00 AUD.

For bigger properties you can check out the complete pricing guide for robot mower models that are capable of mowing up to 5000 m² and beyond.

We’ve included all the more popular mowers that are avialble to buy in Australia with brands such as Victa, WORX, Ambrogio, Husqvarna, and Gardena.

With so many varying features and specifications, you’ll need to explore in more detail each mower to make sure you find the the mower that best suits your specific needs.

In addition to the pricing you’ll also find the working area of each mower, the brand, the maximum slope, cutting width, and the type of motor for each model listed.

See our complete pricing guide here

Robotic Lawn Mower Products Available in Australia

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