• 20V 4.0Ah Worx Powershare Worx 4.0Ah Powershare battery & 2A Charger

    Never Run Out of Charge

    The WORX WA3604 consists of a 20V 4.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion Battery and Charger. Suitable for all WORX 20V Powershare™ battery tools so you can conveniently switch batteries between tools, and never be short for power.
    Powershare Platform - interchangeable with all WORX 20V tools, so you can switch batteries between tools saving time and money
  • Simple, no installation for area up to 200m2

    Designed for tiny gardens up to 200 square meters, the L60 deluxe require no boundary / perimeter wire. It is more like plug and play, call it unbox and play. Latest technology sensors, sense the grass to keep it moving. Bump sensor will allow change directions. And wheel sensors to avoid falling off kerbs. This little machine will do your backyard and foot path grass patch as well.
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    Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 800m2

    Ambrogio L30 Deluxe was designed to mow gardens of up to 800 m² with narrow and tight spaces. The smart cutting algorithm and Eco Mode sensor ensure complete mowing of the lawn and optimisation of the working times. The robot can also be equipped with the ZCS-patented blade.
    • Bluetooth receiver to transfer software updates from Smartphone/Tablet to the robot and to use the “Ambrogio Remote” App from IOS and Android.
    • 2 hours of run time with 800m2 range
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 1200m2

    Featuring state-of-the-art innovations, the L35 Basic mower robot is capable of mowing the most complex green spaces. Equipped with Brushless engines, a formidable cutting system and rubber wheels, she mows gardens up to 1200 m2 without difficulty. The L35 Basic robotic mower is equipped with a Large Flex rubber wheel on the rear of the aircraft. Using this device, the robot mower is able to mow lawns in the most complex green areas without difficulty. The wheel is useful for turning around, or moving into wasteland, riddled with holes.
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 1800m2

    The 35 Deluxe mower involves a high degree of innovation. The brushless motors, advanced cutting systems and the brand-new flex rubber wheel allow the robot to mow and maintain complex areas up to 1800 m² in the least time possible. Bluetooth communication technology that allows the updating of software and remote driving of the robot at close range. The interactive and intuitive touch display allows interaction with the operating system by simply touching the screen with your fingers, without having to use physical keys.
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 2200 m2

    Equipped with self-cleaning toothed wheels, brushless motors and powerful lithium-ion batteries, the L85 Deluxe model is designed to effectively mow areas up to 2,200 m² with slopes up to 55%, which are difficult to reach with mowing tools, such as traditional lawn mowers or garden tractors. Eco Mode Sensor to Enable the Robot to recognise mowed areas and reduce the working times to the total benefit of the lawn and less wear of the the Robot. Features 3 hours of work time with max 2,200 m2 mowing area.  
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 2800m2

    Ambrogio L210 is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those who want high cutting performances combined with ease of use. Suitable for lawns that are not straight as the mower is higher than other mowers and can navigate on uneven lawns. The brushless motors and powerful lithium-ion batteries allow the robot to manage areas up to 2.800m2 and slopes up to 45%. The cover of the charging station and Bluetooth receiver are supplied as standard.
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 2600m2

    Ambrogio L250 Deluxe is designed for gardens over 2600 sqm, with up to eight distinct green areas. It is ideal for those looking for a robust, efficient and innovative robot. The new user interface with standard large touchscreen makes robot handling simple and intuitive. The L250 Mower can manage 8 separate areas on your property with 3.5 hours of work time a max 2600m2 mowing area
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 3200m2

    The brand-new L250 Elite can manage lawns of up to 3.200 sqm. The model is equipped with an advanced cutting system and the most advanced navigation technology to ensure excellent mowing performance and maximum precision. Thanks to the easy to read icons, the innovative touch screen display makes the robot simple and intuitive. 7.5 Amp Lithium-Ion Battery with Average working time of 3.5 hours and 3200m2 mowing area
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 5000m2

    The new Ambrogio L250 Elite S+ combines the latest innovation and technology. The touchscreen display, advanced navigation systems and standard ZCS Connect module make the robots extremely efficient and innovative. The L250 Elite S+ is designed to regularly mow and maintain areas up to 5000m²; that’s about an acre and a quarter. With GPS enhanced navigation, this smart little mower will maintain can complicated lawns, with plenty of spare time for you to enjoy your lawn. Even when mowing an acre it will leave your lawn free for 12 hours a day.
  • Perfect For Larger Yards Up to 7000m2

    The L350i Elite can manage lawns up to 7,000 m2 and work for seven consecutive hours while maintaining high mowing performance. The touchscreen display makes programming simple and intuitive. The standard ZCS Connect module ensures safety and ease of use also thanks to its compatibility with the most popular voice assistants (SMART ASSISTANT).
  • Wheel Spike for Hard Tires, Suits Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower models: L85, L250 & L350
  • Wheel Spike for Soft Tyres, suits Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower models: L250 & L350
  • An installation carried out by Lawn Robots will include the following:
    • Where the ground is accessible, all of the boundary and guide wires will be buried up to 5cm deep using our specialist wire burying machine.
    • We use higher spec heavy duty cable, as this will help to reduce the chances of faults happening in the future.
    • Correctly installing the robot mower’s base station.
    • Correctly setting up the robot mowers parameters.
    • Fully calibrating and testing the mower.
    • Linking the mower to the customers iPhone, iPad or/and Alexa device.
    • On site tuition for the customer.
    • High quality after sales service and support following the install.
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    Aerocart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow trolley jack Aerocart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow
    In fact, the various accessories and attachments allow the Aerocart to perform the tasks of 8 unique carts:
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Hand truck
    • Cylinder holder
    • Potted plant mover
    • Rock lifter
    • Bag holder
    • Trailer mover
    • Extended dolly
    The Aerocart 8-in-1 has a 136kg weight capacity and a tub capacity of approximately 85lt, ideal for moving loads of wood, rocks, bricks, dirt or anything else you may need to haul. The Aerocart weighs around 19kg and it’s sturdy enough to tackle most garden jobs you can throw at it.
  • A Mower That Can Tackle Any Slope

    Thanks to its 4 driving, electric-steering wheels and 10Ah battery, the robot can handle uphill and humps extremely steep and is also very performing close to the sloping edge (up to 65%). Its high-efficiency level is due to a traction wheel motor on each traction module, which allows to turn in the forward direction of the robot.
  • Powerful Automated Mower

    The Ambrogio L400i Deluxe is a powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 20.000 m², even those with multiple separate areas. With the mowing automated, grounds care staff or owners have more time to tend to other tasks. Sharing all the same safety and tracking features as the other PROline models, these mowers can be left to get on with their job.
  • Powerful Automated Mower

    Designed to cover large areas faster than any other robot in our range, the L400 series features a three-blade cutting system and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to give wide mowing and long operating times. Each of the solid stainless steel cutting blades are mounted within independently floating cutter arms so the blades can follow the contours of the ground.

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