• Worx Landroid Mowers

    The WORX Landroid Genuine Cutting Blades allows you to refurbish, improve, and prolong the life of your compatible robot lawnmower.
    Made with 2-sided, rotatable, dual blades with dual cutting edges for precise cuts and comes with 12 installation screws for easy assembly.
  • Off Limits Reel and Components WORX Off Limits

    Ring your desired fence areas

    great for making areas of your lawn temporarily off limits such as seasonal equipment like a trampoline or padding pool.

    Off Limits option comes in two pieces: a sensor to be installed onboard your Landroid, and a reel of digital fence strip to surround areas. It works with a magnetic force that the sensor detects.

  • Perfect for your Landroid Mower

    Give your Landroid 20/20 Vision! Armed with auto-pilot technology. Landroid steers clear of the same obstacles other robotic mowers bump into.

    It uses automotive-grade Ultrasonic Sensors to detect & Dodge pesky obstacles in its path. So unlike other mowers, it can navigate your yd without collisions.


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