• Choose Where your Landroid Mow's

    180m Boundary Wire is a genuine and functional WORX accessory. the WORX Landroid Perimeter Wire 180m for Robot Lawn Mower extends the boundary wire gauge of your compatible device.
    Suitable for all WORX Landroid Robotic Mowers (all sold separately). Provides an additional 180m of perimeter wire gauge for added practicality and convenience
  • Installation is Easy

    WORX Landroid maintenance or extension Kit includes 50m of perimeter cable, 70 pegs and 3 connectors. Can be used for all Landroid Mowers.
  • 20m Magnetic Stripe 20m Off Limits Magnetic Stripe

    Choose Where your Landoid Mow's

    The Off Limits option comes with two pieces: a sensor for your Landroid (sold separately) and a digital fence strip. Landroids sensor detects the magnetic strip you put around Off Limits area, and steers clear. Magnetic strip creates no-mow zones without using main boundary wire. Perfect for seasonal, non-permanent objects like trampolines, lawn furniture, and fire pits.
  • 38W Charger Worx Charging Station

    Keep your Landroid Connected

    Keep your Landroid charged and ready to go with this Charging Station and Charger options. Compatible for 90W Charger options. Worx Landroid Charging Assembly suited for WR150E Landroid Model. Charging station comes with: 8x Nylon Ground Screws for fixing to ground, Hex head key for ground screws and 90W Charger included
  • Worx Landroid Garage Worx Cover

    Perfect for your Landroid Mower

    Perfectly suited to fit all current WORX Landroids, give your WORX Landroid the ultimate protection When Landroid senses rain or inclement weather, it heads back to the garage to rest, recharge and wait out the storm

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